About me

I was born in Hungary in 1975, I left my country more than 10 years ago. After living in several cities in Europe, my husband's international career brought us to the United Kingdom, where I immediately fell in love with the beauty of the British landscapes. I had been sketching for a long time, but without using any type of coloured medium. I started to paint with acrylics in 2016, as my visions about beautiful matching colour connections came to the focus so strongly, that I had to try to express them on canvas. After more than a year of struggling with acrylics I was searching for a medium with more opening times, and finally I chose professional oils. Currently, I am finishing an oil painting course at London Art College.

My inspiration comes through long, solitary walks or during traveling while I am looking through the window and welcome every new scene that comes to my eyes.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my gallery of work. I continually update the gallery after each new painting is completed, so please visit regularly to see more of my artworks.